The World’s first SEO UNconvention.
Unique content. Unrestricted insight.

Unlimited profit potential. It’s UnGagged or it’s UNavailable.

UnGagged 2014, Sponsored by BlackHat World
This years host: Erika Napoletano.
The only SEO gathering with no limitations on what gets said and how much you can learn.

Ungagged Speaker: Brian Massey

Session Title: Persuasive Copy: Getting Past the Bouncers in our Brains
‘You may think that your visitors are idiots for not buying your product, using your service or clicking on your ad. The truth is, they are. Their idiocy stems from two big fat bouncers that live in their brains. The job of these bouncers is to keep your message from getting in. Brian Massey will introduce you to these bouncers and tell you how to get past them using copy and images.
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Erika says:

I was made for this gig – to be host of the
inaugural Ungagged UNconvention.

Being @Ungagged will mean hearing stuff that
won’t be heard anywhere else or ever again.
Stuff that will make a big difference to the bottom line performance of a business.
If I didn’t believe that, I wouldn’t be hosting UnGagged.
See you in Las Vegas 2014.